3 Best Interactive Video Features for SME Websites

Boost user engagement and sales on SME websites with three leading interactive video features.

Hotspots and clickable elements enhance viewer interaction by delivering additional information.

Interactive quizzes and polls not only captivate audiences but also provide valuable customer insights, aiding in boosting conversion rates.

Incorporating personalised recommendations and 360° videos significantly heightens user engagement, with recommendations potentially increasing click-through rates by up to 300% and 360° videos seeing a 41% rise in engagement.

Adding these innovative features to your site can attract more visitors, encourage them to stay longer, and propel sales.

Hotspots and Clickable Elements

Interactive features such as hotspots and clickable elements significantly enhance user engagement on SME websites. These tools enable businesses to monitor how viewers interact with their videos, offering insights into user behaviour.

Hotspots serve as interactive markers that can reveal more information, detail products, or encourage actions such as purchases. By facilitating a smoother journey through video content, these clickable points not only maintain viewer interest but also boost the likelihood of converting views into sales.

For instance, embedding a hotspot that links directly to a product purchase page can simplify the buying process for viewers. In essence, incorporating hotspots into videos transforms the viewing experience into an interactive, informative, and enjoyable adventure, fostering a deeper connection with the content on SME websites.

Interactive Quizzes and Polls

Interactive quizzes and polls provide SME websites with potent tools to engage their audience more deeply and gather essential insights into customer preferences and behaviour. By integrating these features, businesses can significantly boost customer engagement by up to 40%.

The information obtained from interactive quizzes allows for the creation of customised marketing strategies, while polls give insight into customer opinions and trends. These tools not only promote user interaction but also give businesses a direct understanding of their audience.

Including quizzes and polls on SME websites can increase conversion rates by creating a more interactive and lively experience for visitors, encouraging them to spend more time on the site and potentially become customers.

Personalized Recommendations and 360° Videos

Integrating personalised recommendations with 360° videos presents small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a powerful tool to boost user engagement and drive conversions effectively. By merging these technologies, SMEs can offer their audience a captivating and immersive experience, markedly improving brand recognition and customer interaction. Here are five key advantages of embedding personalised recommendations and 360° videos on SME websites:

Personalised recommendations can lead to a significant increase in click-through rates, by as much as 300%, thereby enhancing user engagement. This is because tailored suggestions resonate more with users, encouraging them to explore further.

360° videos immerse users in a virtual environment, leading to a 41% boost in engagement. This kind of content allows viewers to control their perspective, offering a more interactive and engaging experience than traditional videos.

Recommendations based on user behaviour can significantly improve conversion rates, with a potential increase of 50%. For instance, if a user frequently watches travel videos, showing them 360° videos of popular destinations alongside personalised travel gear recommendations could encourage purchases.

360° videos can also increase brand favourability by 28% and purchase intent by 38%. This immersive content helps in creating a positive association with the brand, as users feel more connected and engaged with the experience.

Combining these features offers a distinct and captivating user experience, fostering brand loyalty and driving conversions effectively. For example, an SME selling home decor could use 360° videos to showcase how different products look in various settings, coupled with personalised recommendations based on the user's browsing history, to enhance the shopping experience and encourage sales.


In conclusion, incorporating interactive video features such as hotspots, quizzes, and personalised recommendations can significantly enhance the user experience on SME websites. By adopting these innovative elements, businesses can engage with their audience in a more interactive and customised way, leading to increased user engagement and retention. These dynamic features not only render the website more engaging but also enable businesses to gather essential insights and data, thereby improving their marketing strategies and customer service.

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