Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation enables your website to be seen by a wider and target audience.

Is your website being seen?

Do you have a website but it’s just not reaching the audience you want it to reach, or generating the traffic you want to generate? A beautiful website (which we can definitely create for you!) is of no use to you if nobody sees it.


So how do the best websites do it? How do businesses manage to get their websites to the top of Google search results? And how can your website become one of those best websites?

Search Engine Optimisation is a process of optimizing a website so that it ranks highly in searches on search engines. With good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), your website is more likely to be seen by your target market. More website visitors = more paying customers.


SEO can help!

The answer is simple: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by designing the website in such a way that search engines rank it as being of good quality. The higher a search engine such as Google ranks a website, the more visible the website will become on that search engine. The more visible your website is on a search engine, the more people will visit your website. Call it SEO marketing if you will.

The Google Algorithm

The criteria that Google, for example, uses to rank a website, change regularly. In fact, the Google algorithm has been said to change up to 700 times a year – that’s more than twice a day! Keeping up with these changes can be challenging. That is why you should make use of our SEO services.

Despite the constant change, we make use of elements of Search Engine Optimisation that have consistently shown to improve website rankings. These include factors such as:

  • researching and selecting specific keywords that are known to be widely-searched on the internet
  • creating and editing content in order to make it more Search Engine Optimisation-friendly
  • adding inbound and outbound links to the content.

Our SEO services

As an SEO company, our Search Engine Optimisation services involve two main processes, depending on your SEO needs.

If you already have a website but are not happy with how it is ranking on Google, we can make certain changes to your website to optimize it. For example, we could edit your content and research relevant keywords for your business. We can also add carefully written meta descriptions to your pages. This is part of a rebranding process that businesses often undergo to improve their marketing strategies.

If you need a new website, we can design it to fulfil Search Engine Optimisation criteria from the beginning. During our web design process, we make use of several tools to optimize your website, including the Yoast SEO plugin. We can also train you to write optimized content for your website. Alternatively, we can write the content for your website for you.

At Swerve Designs we believe in an integrated marketing approach. So let’s chat! We would love to discuss SEO with you, along with all your branding and website design needs. Let us get to know and understand you and your business so that we can provide you with the best designs to promote your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink that directs an internet user from another website to your website. In other words, clicking on a backlink on another website would open your website. The more high domain authority backlinks you have from other websites to your website, the better your website will rank.

Why would I want links on my website that send my users to a different website?

A large part of the purpose of your website is to serve your clients. Sometimes, the information on your website is not enough to do this. It is important to recognize this. You can serve your clients better by giving them a way to find the information they are looking for.

Outbound links can be set up in such a way that they open a website in a new browser tab. In other words, your clients can visit the other website to find out more information on a topic. But then they can return to your website. You’ve served your clients without making them leave your website. Success!

What is an outbound link? 

An outbound link is a link that takes you from a specific place on a website to another specific place. It could take you to another page on your website, or even a page on another website.

What is a meta description?

Look at the image above. The text under the website page name for each search result is the metadescription. It is a snippet that summarizes the website page’s content to give readers a better idea of what it is about. With a good metadescription you can increase the chances of someone clicking on your page.

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