What is a web developer, and do I need one?

Website development involves building up the back end of a website so that the website works. We design and develop all our websites by using Wordpress. In other words, your website will look good AND work well. Just what you want, right?

What is a web developer?

A web developer or website developer is responsible for the non-design aspects of building websites, such as coding. Very often, the terms web developer and website designer are used interchangeably and many web design companies offer both services.

Is Swerve Designs a web developer or a website designer business?

We are both. At Swerve Designs, all our websites are designed on WordPress. This allows us to combine the design and development of a website on one platform, resulting in the best website design. Our websites are visually appealing and functional.


Plugins (also known as plug-ins or add-ons) are software components that allow additional features on a website. WordPress allows many different plugins to work on a website, allowing us as web developers to include many extras onto your website. For example, we can install plugins that allow the addition of contact forms, improving the security of your website, optimizing images, improving the SEO of your website and improving site performance, to name a few. There are thousands of plugins available.

Mobile features

WordPress creates responsive websites. Consequently, instead of only working correctly on a computer, your website can be accessed on a cell phone, tablet and other devices. Having a responsive website is becoming increasingly important as more people use smart phones to access the internet.

Web development companies in South Africa

If you are looking specifically for a web development company and would not be satisfied with a website designed in WordPress, we recommend the following web development companies in South Africa. Simply click on the company name to visit their websites:

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What is the difference between web development and web design?

Basically, website designers focus more on the aesthetic aspects of a website, whereas a web developer focuses on the functionality of a website. A web developer works with the code of the website. Alternatively, many website designers make use of content management systems such as WordPress to design and develop a website simultaneously.

Good-looking themes

A website theme is an overall look, feel and style of your website. Your theme includes the colours, layout and style elements of your website. Even though these aspects themselves fall into the website design category, the structure of a WordPress site allows the development of a website to enable these design features. This lets us create the best website design to suit your business brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system. We use this tool to design your website. It is a content management system is a software tool. It allows you to create, edit and publish content without having to code the website from scratch.

Why do you use WordPress rather than a different content management system?

We love working with WordPress. And, it turns out, we aren’t the only ones! More than 60 million websites have been created using this system. Consequently, it the most popular website management system in use. It makes web development and website design easier, allowing us to develop and design the best website for you.

Is using WordPress free?

Yes, you do not have to pay to use WordPress. However, the tool must be installed onto a domain. Hosting of a domain incurs a small cost. Swerve Designs uses AfriHost to host the websites we design, which costs R49 per month, with a yearly renewal fee of R129.

Can I use a free WordPress domain for my website?

WordPress allows users to create a website on a free domain. The domain name will include a WordPress.com subdomain. For example, we could create a website for free using the domain swervedesigns.wordpress.com. However, a free domain is not recommended because you have very little control over your content. For example, you cannot load custom themes or plugins onto a free domain website. WordPress can also delete your website at any point, which would result in you losing all your content.


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