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Your business logo is a unique graphic that identifies your company. It’s more than just a cute picture or a pretty font. People associate it with your business. If it is memorable, people will return to your business. If not, well… Let’s not go there. Let us design a memorable logo for you!

A business logo is a graphic symbol via which your company is identified and recognized.


Logo design is an important facet of graphic design. Unlike art, graphic design should not be interpreted. Instead, graphic design aims to convey one specific message. If the message can be understood in different ways, the design has not achieved its aim.


In this way, a logo is a very specific graphic that communicates what the business is about. It should not be confused with the logo of another business. Therefore, it should be unique.

At Swerve Designs we make use of a variety of design elements to create a unique corporate logo design for your brand, including: Lines, Shapes, Texture, Mass and Space.


You’ll notice that we didn’t mention color in the list above. This is because a good logo should work in a variety of colors, and even in black and white.


We can definitely design your logo in a specific color to match your branding. However, we aim to make it work regardless of color. This is especially useful if your logo is printed on black and white documents. In this case, it will not lose its communication power.

We made a few corporate logo designs for this forestry equipment shop.
Brand Logo Design for a sugar cane farmer. Brand logo displayed in black/white.
We designed 4 free logo design templates for this forestry farmer. They used our services as logo design company and settled for this corporate logo .
Diamond Rose Guest House Logo in Gold on Paper. Exclusive Guest House in Middelburg.
Cascades Chiropractors Logo Design.
We also designed the company website.
Have a look!
Brand Logo Design for Bossie's Inn Guest House. Brand logo displayed in black/white.
Blackdot Energy Logo on Black Paper
Autobahn Motors Car Dealership
Logo Design.

The Logo Design Process

The Brief

To begin the logo design process, we chat with you. This can either be in a personal meeting or a phone call, email or Skype call. During this discussion, we aim to get a clear understanding of what your business does and how it works. You will then also explain your brand logo needs and ideas to us.

The Initial Design

We start designing your logo after doing extensive research about your industry and competing companies. As logo designer South Africa, we have to find out which niche your brand will fall into. We then use programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator during the design process. We will create five different logo designs.

The Feedback

Once the five logo designs are completed, we send them to you. You can then select one that appeals to you the most and give feedback as to what you like and don’t like.

The Final Design

We then revisit the virtual drawing board to tweak the logo design of your choice. When we are done, we will send the design to you again. This process is repeated until you are 100% happy with the logo design.

ATS Forestry Logo Design
in black on white paper
Logo Design for Allstone Solutions;
A granite company in KZN. 
We designed a logo and website for
Water Management Systems who are located in Hartbeespoort.
Vynco Logo and Web Design.
Timber Valley Joinery
TalknSurf is a Wireless Internet Service Provider based in KZN. We also assisted in designing their website.
Free logo design templates. Logo design company.
Sparrow Computer Shop based in KZN.
 Luiperdkloof Lodge Logo Design. Combining both features of the name
in one logo.
Effective Web Development Solutions

The Final Logo Package

When you are happy with your logo design, we will convert it into several different formats and send the complete design package to you.

The formats include:

  • Print format:
  • PDF (take note that this format should be used to print your logo. It is a vector format that can be stretched to any size without losing quality).
  • Online format:
  • PNG
  • JPG
Kiwicon Log. Kiwi Farmer based in KZN. 
HR Unlimited Company Logo Design.
HR company.
GNG Logo Design. This company produces and distributes Coffins and Caskets.
Dulini Farming Logo.
Another Forestry Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to design a logo?

Our logo design services start from R1500 per design. As logo designers in South Africa, we recognize the tight economic situation many of our clients find themselves in. We aim to provide you with both good quality and affordable designs, so we would love to chat with you to discuss your needs and see how we can accommodate those needs according to your budget. Send us an email to request a personalized quote.

Who owns my logo once you have designed it?

As soon as you have approved the logo design and paid the outstanding balance, we will send you the design package.


From this point, the logo and its copyright are yours. However, Swerve Designs reserves the right to use your logo for promotional purposes (because it will be so awesome, we’ll want to show it off!).

How long does it take you to design a new logo?

The lead time on a new logo design is usually one week. However, depending on our work schedule, we are sometimes able to complete rush jobs.

Why should I pay a designer to design my logo for me?

In this day and age, most people can work with a computer and use programs such as Microsoft Word. So why should you not design your own logo? It’s a good question! But we have a good answer: a logo is very often the first part of your corporate branding that potential clients see. If you design it yourself, it’s very possible that people will notice. This gives a poor first impression. You want your clients to know that you are serious about your business. A logo designed according to design elements and with design principles in mind, conveys this message.


Take note that apps like Canva allow you to design your own logo even more easily than Microsoft Word does. If you have serious budget constraints, this might be worth looking into. Remember, though, that if you can create a logo in a free app, anyone else can use the same app and create a very similar logo.

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