Creating a brochure design

Effectively advertise your product or service.

The aim of brochure design

The aim of brochure design is to try to get the person receiving it not to throw it into the next rubbish bin.


How do we achieve this aim? By using attention-grabbing headlines, little text that says a lot, and gorgeous graphics. Some may even say our brochures are worth framing!

What are brochures?

Brochures are small pieces of paper onto which a design is printed for distribution. They are like posters in that the design is used to convey a specific message to the viewer.


What can I advertise using brochures?

The simple answer here is anything. However, there are a couple of messages (similar to posters) that lend themselves especially well to flyer marketing:

  • Creating brand awareness.
  • Promoting a specific service or product.
  • Promoting a retail sale.
  • Promoting an event.

Brochure design

Speaking about brochure designs, here are a couple of points to consider when contemplating brochure design  ideas:

  • The flyer should contain an aesthetically pleasing mix of text and images. The more text a flyer contains, the less likely viewers are to read all the information. Summarizing content is therefore important.
  • It should align with your corporate brand, which includes using your company logo, your branding colour schemes and specific typography.
  • The flyer should include your business contact details.

Advantages and disadvantages of using brochures as part of an integrated marketing strategy:

Advantages of using brochures instead of posters include:

  • They are smaller, and thus usually cheaper to print. You can thus produce more at a time according to your budget.
  • You can print on both sides of brochures to fit more information onto one page.
  • Potential clients can take the brochures home with them, ensuring that they have access to your contact details and other information at a later stage.
  • Since each potential client can take a brochure home and read it at a later stage, more information can be added onto a flyer as text. On a poster, the information must be summarized because the viewer only has access to the information while standing in front of it.


Of course, flyers do have a couple of disadvantages when compared to posters, which include:

  • Viewers must take in the information on a poster immediately because they only have access to it while standing in front of it. With a flyer, readers may be tempted to only read the information at a later stage because they can take them home. They may then forget about it altogether.
  • This is where good brochure design comes in: the flyer should be designed in such a way that it appeals to the reader and the reader wants to read the content.

How do brochures and flyers reach your potential clients?

  • Once printed, brochures and flyers can be physically handed out to potential clients. The best way to do this is to determine your target audience and where that target audience can be reached. Handing out flyers in public areas also increases your chances of reaching more people.


Examples of where brochures can be distributed effectively include:

  • At niche-specific expos. For example, if you are a wedding photographer it would make sense to hand out brochures promoting your services at a wedding expo rather than at a general farmer's market.
  • In the walkways of shopping centres. Once again, make sure you understand your target audience. You want to hand out brochure advertising personalized hunting knives to adults, not children.
  • At traffic lights. Here it is very important that car drivers have an idea of what your flyer is about before expecting them to open their windows to take a flyer. We recommend adding a poster to this marketing strategy.
  • Any place where people must sit and are likely bored. This includes all types of waiting rooms, such as at a doctor’s office or SARS. When people are bored, they are more likely to take the time to read a flyer. Plus, if the flyer is well designed it will catch the eye of potential customers more easily. 


At Swerve Designs we believe in an integrated marketing approach. So let’s chat! We would love to discuss flyer and brochure design ideas with you, along with all your branding and website design needs. Let us get to know and understand you and your business so that we can provide you with the best designs to increase your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to design a brochure?

This depends on what you need! Send us an email and we can give you a quote. At Swerve Designs, we aim to provide you with both good-quality and affordable designs, so we would love to chat to you to discuss your needs and see how we can accommodate those needs according to your budget.

How much does it cost to print brochures?

The cost of printing a set of brochure depends on the size of the brochure and the number of brochures required. We do not print brochures ourselves, but we can redirect you to an excellent printer that can provide that service to you.

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