Graphic design is the language of the 21st Century

Graphic design is visual communication. It is meant to convey a message. Our designs do just that. Usually, the message is something along the lines of: "Your brand is freaking awesome! We love it and so will your clients!"

We create logos, signage, brochures, flyers, business cards, product packaging designs, email signatures, internet banners, magazine and newspaper ads, posters, personalized stationary, wallpapers, letterheads and catalogues. Did we leave something out? Pop us an email for special requests!

Why is graphic design so important?

Graphic design is arguably the language of the 21st Century. Combining elements of visual communication and communication design, the field has limitless possibilities. Graphics often give the first impression of a company. This is particularly important if your business is involved in direct marketing.

Think about it – you are scrolling through Google images, or your Instagram feed, or your Facebook notifications. Which accounts and businesses catch your eye first?

The ones with good profile descriptions? The ones with many client reviews? The ones with thousands of followers? No! Even though all of these factors may play a role in helping you make a decision of whether or not to make use of their services, the hook that will draw you into a company’s profile is their graphics. Creative brands draw people.  

As a creative design company, we believe that graphics should be unique, clean and modern. We aim to tell a story with limited words and maximized visual effect. We want our clients’ businesses to be easily recognized by their graphics. We want your clients to pick you out of a crowd of competitors based on your visual branding.

We have a wide variety of offerings. Whether you need a full graphic design package or simply a new logo or a poster design, Swerve Designs is determined to help you put your business out there.

Click on one of the links alongside to learn more about the different aspects of our graphic designing services:

Your logo is one of the most important, if not the most important, graphics of your business. We design unique logos that clients will notice.

Banner Design (signage):

We design signage that will inform customers where your business is and attract new clients.

Brochures and flyers with eye-catching graphics can be used to advertise your products and/or services and inform customers of specials and sales.

Product packaging design:

We create product packaging suitable to the target market of your products. This ensures that your customers pick your product every time.

Email template and email signature design:

Show that your business means business with a professional email template and email signature for all client communication.

Poster design:

Hanging posters in public places can be an easy and cost-effective way to advertise your business. We can design posters that will draw the attention of your ideal client.

Personalized stationery design:

Personalized or branded stationary makes a memorable corporate gift. Send your clients a branded diary for Christmas, thank special customers for their business with a personalized pen or hand out branded lanyards at expos. This is sure to get your potential clients to remember your brand.

Letterhead design:

Make sure that every letter that is written by you or an employee of your business looks professional with a personalized letterhead.

Internet Banner Ads design:

Increase your web traffic and SEO with attractive ads on the internet that lead potential clients to your website. We design Google Ads, Facebook Ads, create Instagram campaigns and more.

We create logos, signage, brochures, flyers, business cards, product packaging designs, email signatures, internet banners, magazine and newspaper ads, posters, personalized stationary, wallpapers, letterheads and catalogues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer creates visual designs that communicate a specific message or idea. In marketing, this message or idea is linked to the advertising aim of a specific brand. They may use computers or draw graphics by hand. Graphic design includes providing products such as logos, business cards, email signatures, posters, flyers and catalogues.

Do you have any vacancies for graphic design jobs?

Unfortunately, we are not hiring at the moment. However, please feel free to send us your CV to and we will get in touch if anything changes.

Can I meet with you to discuss my graphic design needs?

Yes, of course! We do travel throughout South Africa to meet with our clients but can also arrange a Zoom meeting. We would love to meet you for a coffee and a chat, even if it is virtual!

How much money do graphic designers earn?

We get asked this question all the time. Unfortunately, there is no set answer. As a graphic designer, your income depends on several factors:


  • Whether you are self-employed or working for a company.
  • The amount of experience you have.
  • How good you are at your job.
  • The number of hours a week you spend working.
  • How well you advertise your services.

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