Designing Websites: Three Important Things To Consider


Learn all about what a website landing page is, why its so important for your business, and how to promote it and get ranked on Google., they introduced the first version of the Google search engine with one main feature: a page for every one thousand words of searchable content. They wanted to make the process of researching information as easy and immediate as searching pictures in an online gallery. When designing websites, the following are three important things that you should consider while making your page:

  1. The page should include the keywords you have selected. If one of your keywords is not showing up properly on the SERPs page, you should try increasing the volume of words that contain this keyword. You should try using the keyword in the description, URL, image etc.
  2. Try using the keywords in all the links as well as in the text, you should try using the keywords in your web content page as well as in the headings.
  3. The website content page should be mobile-friendly. Don’t overload the page with images and try to make it readable with mobile devices.

The Google page ranking algorithm was developed over time. A page can either be a simple page with a single type of content, or it can have a complex set of content along with metadata such as the page title and the date written. Page ranking is important since it helps Google decide which page to show in response to a visitors click.

Why it matters when designing websites

Without a good page ranking strategy, it could take weeks, months, or even years to be ranked high on a search. And even if a web page is ranked, search engine spiders cannot find your actual website. They cannot find your website site name, website address, website description, or even your URL.

These are just a few of the pieces of information needed to craft a page ranking strategy.

It is so important for your business to have a website. Even if your business does not have a physical site, you can put these principles into practice and have your web traffic know that your business is legitimate with a good reputation and plenty of information.

In a business, the first step is to have a good website. You can follow the Google page ranking algorithm when creating your content page. But even if you have a poor website, using the Google page ranking algorithm will make your website better and will get the search engine spiders to like it.

In the Google page ranking algorithm, a web page is rated as either good or bad based on the quality of your web content. In a business, web pages are rated as either good or bad depending on which keywords a visitor clicks on to visit it.

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With a good website, the number of pages a visitor clicks on increases, while with a poor website, the number of pages a visitor clicks on is reduced to make a more precise calculation of the importance of a page.

For example, let’s say a business has 100 web pages and 4 pages receive an immense number of clicks. This is because the 4th page only contains 2 keywords and 4 links and the other pages are less important, yet they contain more of the critical information needed by the visitors to click on them (such as an e-commerce page or a website address which the visitor typed in himself).

The next step is to optimize the page for the keywords that are receiving more clicks on. This is because the other pages are only rated good if they have a good amount of clicks. To rate a webpage as good or bad, the amount of clicks received on that page is taken into account, while the keyword importance is taken into account while calculating that page’s rating. The amount of clicks on that page depends on the importance of that page; hence if the important page has a higher number of clicks for that keyword, it will get a higher rating than the less important page with less amount of clicks for the same keyword.

When creating your web content page, a few important keywords need to be placed on a single line only. This helps to prevent the keyword from being confused with another keyword and creating confusion. The single line of keywords should be related to the product your website offers.

Navigation Links

An important factor to be taken into account while creating your web content page is the number of navigation links. If the amount of navigation is too much, the navigation bar may get confused with other navigation like for instance, other web pages. This can cause confusion in the Google spiders and your web content page will be rated poorly because your website’s web content page contains keywords that are similar to keywords that the visitor clicked on.

No body, no value. Provide valuable and thorough information.

The next important factor, which you need to take into account while designing websites, is the amount of text that would be required to describe your website. If it is too much, the text would get mixed up with other text and confuse the google spiders and can cause confusion in their rating. The most you should place on your web content page is 500 words, the keywords on the web page should consist of three words to help avoid confusing the spiders.

3 Further important factors when designing websites.

  1. Make sure that the keywords would be related to the product your website is offering. If the webpage contains the keywords “how to install php scripts” it should be similar to “explanation of how to install php scripts”. A visitor clicked on “how to install php scripts” and clicked on “explanation of how to install php scripts”. Therefore, it should be similar.
  2. Never place irrelevant keywords. Don’t place irrelevant keywords unless you are sure that the visitor will not find your webpage through search engines.
  3. Placing keywords in an irrelevant manner can be penalized by Google spiders. For instance, using the keywords in the title is not recommended as the Google spiders consider it as a sign of spamming.

The above points are very important for creating a high ranking webpage. When you are creating your webpage, the web content should be clear, short and informative as well. The webpage should contain keywords that are related to your website’s content, the webpage contents, headings. When you are creating your webpage, remember never to place irrelevant keywords.

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